Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us.

A typical Sunday service at New Life is welcoming, casual, and relaxed. We truly mean it when we say “come as you are.” We have fun and safe environments for your kids with programming and teaching tailored to their specific age groups. Visit our children's areas before service to check-in your kids. 

Our Sunday services have contemporary music in an atmosphere that is open to the move of the Holy Spirit and compelling teaching that is culturally relevant and based on God's timeless truth found in His word.

Whether you're completely new to church or just haven't been for a while, we'd love to meet you.

our story

In March 1977, Roy Lamberth, pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Fern Creek, and his associate, Dr. Larry Hart, started Our Saviour Baptist Church as a mission of Trinity Baptist Church. Our Saviour Baptist remained a mission for about six months before becoming totally autonomous. Dr. Hart became the first pastor of Our Saviour Baptist and remained so until July 1979 when he left to become a professor at Oral Roberts University.

Our Saviour Baptist owned no property and met in various buildings for approximately four years. After Dr. Hart left, Bill Searcy became the pastor and stayed for one year. After he left in late 1980, Dr. Rod Buckson, an Elder at Trinity, became the interim pastor until June 1981 when Dr. Carroll Parish assumed the pastorate. In December 1981, the church’s name was changed from Our Saviour Baptist Church to New Life Church. Dr. Carroll Parish remained the Senior Pastor of New Life Church until January 2003 when his eldest son, Timothy, became the Senior Pastor.

The present property at 3402 Goose Creek Road was purchased in the fall of 1983. A farmhouse on the property was used as an office until the sanctuary building was built. The current Sanctuary building was occupied (although unfinished) in the fall of 1984. The gymnasium and education building were built in 1987.

Because the church had never borrowed money and therefore had no credit rating, the local banks were hesitant about loaning money for the construction projects without personal guarantees, which the church was not willing to do. The church sold bonds to finance both building programs. Each was paid off within the fifteen-year time allotted. The houses located on either side of the church were purchased in the fall of 2002. A major renovation of the sanctuary building occurred during the summer of 2003. When our new sanctuary was occupied in August 2007, the old sanctuary became the Chapel and is used by the youth and children’s ministry.
New Life is an inter-denominational, multi-racial, multi-generational church. As a charismatic church we believe the gifts of the Spirit, referred to in 1 Corinthians 12, are relevant for today. The gifts of the Spirit are often in manifestation in public services as well as in private lives. New Life is composed of individuals from many different races, countries, and church backgrounds. We believe that the body of Christ is composed of people from all nations, races, tongues, and peoples. We believe that the local congregation should be a microcosm of the total body of Christ.

The people who become members of New Life Church are those who have made Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior, been water baptized or are a willing candidate for baptism, feel that the Lord is leading them to identify with this body, and are in agreement with the mission and direction of the Church. While New Life is not a member of any denomination, we fellowship and interact with many local and national congregations.

New Life Church has a board of Elders whose purpose is both legal and spiritual. Legally, they act as the highest authority in the church, signing legal documents, etc. Spiritually, they function on the ministry team as counselors to the Senior Pastor, while serving in other capacities as needed.

From its earliest days, the church has given generously to missions. In recent years, between 25-30% of all income that has passed through the church to missions. Because of the missionary emphasis of New Life Church, many of our members have felt called to missions and have gone to serve long term with YWAM and other mission agencies.

Since 2007, New Life has partnered Youth With A Mission - Louisville (YWAM) who is preparing men and women for advancing the Kingdom of God through missions. For more information about Youth With A Mission - Louisville contact their office at (502) 423-0339.

New Life transitioned from a program-based church into a small-group-based church in the fall of 1999. We began with five prototype cells to test the principles in this local congregation. They were a huge success. The goal of our small groups ministry is to help our people connect relationally, to care for one another, and grow into mature disciples of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to train and release believers into their ministry within the body and the local community. At New Life Church we are dedicated to living out authentic community through relationships built in our small groups.

Please see the video below for a glimpse into our history as a church!